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I have made several liquid soap batches and would love to move on to those with additives like powdered milk and additives for scrubs: walnut powder, apricot seed powder. I see that they can be added at the end of the batch, but are preservatives needed? I would rather keep my soaps as natural as possible. Advice??

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I too am looking to add

I too am looking to add Goat's Milk to my liquid soap.  I am guessing the powdered variety is best and to add it during the dilution phase?  I did read somewhere that 12 oz of powder should be added for every 125oz of oil weight.

Does any one have any specific knowledge they can share?

thank you!


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Liquid soaps, with a pH of

Liquid soaps, with a pH of around 9.4, should not be susceptible to bacterial spoilage.

Would anyone care to share their experiences with additives in liquid soaps?

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Preservative in LS


I've been making LS for some time. I haven't used a preservative. I know people feel very strongly for and against its use. Up until now, I have taken a pragmatic approach!

However I'm coming round to thinking I might like to spread my wings a little - but I know if I supply to the public - there is a danger of someone reacting either by virtue of an allergic reaction or through some microbiological issue whether it be bacteria or fungal. It might be a small risk - but its there. I'm a lawyer - I have seen the worry and cost that can be caused by an investigation by Trading Standards, or by an individual suing for damages. You can do without the hassle and the dent in your reputation - whether you win or lose - and you can certainly do without the cost.

As far as the allergic reaction is concerned it seems to me that provided you label your LS appropriately and the labelling is an accurate reflection of the contents, and your contents have been assessed, then you should be safe. I'm happy with this.

As regards preservatives, I have read most guidance, but I'm not a scientist - although I do have a science degree.

I understand that most LS is around 10 pH and this makes it difficult to find a preservative to work. Equally many micros and funguses don't survive in such pH's - but here's the thing....Some do - and who knows how long people leave open soap bottles open before using them and the effect that has on the contents.

I know and understand these arguments against the need for preservatives. But there is a risk. Relying on 20 year old science is fine, provided it is still reliable and not superseded by more up to date technological and scientific advances. I don't believe in relying on the assertion 'Ive been making LS for x years and "I've always done it like that"' ' after all, those last 6 words are the most dangerous words used in regulatory vocabulary  - believe me - I know!

Times are a changing - in our blame society, victims are king in the courts and I imagine, technology and science has moved on too. What are our options?

Germall Liquid Plus (either with or without Suttocide) is all well and good outside of the UK - but no good within the UK. If there was a legal fight, and bearing in mind the manufacturers guidance - I doubt I would be on very safe ground

The only alternative I have found in name at least, is Euxyl 900. The information provided by the company making it says it covers up to pH 12. If I were to add it - how does this effect the LS if at all? Does the high pH affect the Benyl Alcohol component? If so - how? I've read about hurdle technology - I understand it assists the pH in diluted LS but does this assist or weaken the effect of Benzyl Alcohol, or worse?

I note that the Company information for Euxul 900 doesn't list LS as something it would be effective in - it restricts itself to shampoos, shower gells and other lotionns etc. No doubt this is not an oversight. Why is this?

May be I will have to restrict those to whom I give my LS. I'm risk averse. I know that - but I would like to understand why Euxyl 900 (as oppose to the other varieties of Euxyl) doesn't work.

If anyone can help me out here - I would be very grateful!

Sorry for the rant!