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Aka:  Na2B4O7:10H2O, "Borax Decahydrate, '10 Mol'"
(Sold as powder, safety-packed in special "Chemical Jars" with pull-off seal and child-resistant "squeeze release" tops and in "Saver Pack" slide-lock bags for households without small children)
For Solid Soaps: Not recommended for use in solid soapmaking as superfatting controls pH.
For Liquid Soaps: Use Borax to easily adjust ("neutralize") liquid soap's alkalinity (pH) downward for mildness. Borax dissolves to form a boric acid/sodium borate buffer solution that will not allow pH to be reduced too much, avoiding clouding or 'soap breakup'. No sample pH testing is needed when using Borax to neutralize. Although minimum pH achieved is not quite as low as theoretically can be achieved for some oils with other neutralizers, Borax lacks the 'touchiness' of Boric acid or Citric Acid in such use and produces a nicely useable final liquid soap product.
Shipping & Availability: NO extra "hazmat" charges apply.
Borax is a natural substance, mined from the ground. Borax used to be widely available as a laundry soap booster. As such, it worked by raising the pH of wash water, thereby allowing soaps to clean more effectively. Today, there are no laundry soaps available, only detergents which are not pH dependent.
Toxicity? Borax, like baking soda or table salt, is toxic if ingested in large amounts. Accordingly and at buyer's discretion, we offer Borax for sale also in simple "Saver Packs" for households without small children.
(Not for food uses or internal consumption)