Boric Acid

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Aka:  H3BO3
Sold as powder, safety-packed in special "Chemical Jars" with pull-off seal and child-resistant "squeeze release" tops.
For Solid Soaps: Not recommended for use in solid soapmaking as superfatting controls pH.
For Liquid Soaps: Use Boric Acid to adjust ("neutralize") liquid soap's alkalinity (pH) downward for mildness. Boric Acid, like Borax, dissolves in a sodium hydroxide solution to form a boric acid/sodium borate buffer pair that will not allow pH to be reduced too much, helping to avoid clouding or 'soap breakup'. Boric Acid, however, "loads" this effect toward greater acidity (lower pH) as its concentration is increased and does so fairly rapidly (though not so much so as Citric Acid). Sample pH testing is therefore needed when using Boric Acid to neutralize. Lower minimum pH may be achieved for some oils, noticeably Coconut Oil, than with Borax. Using Boric Acid introduces 'touchiness' to neutralization but will produces a nicely useable final liquid soap product if used properly.
Shipping & Availability: NO extra "hazmat" charges apply.
Boric Acid, like Borax, is a natural substance, mined from the ground and is also created by chemical treatment of Borax.
Toxicity? Boric Acid has possible reproductive toxicity to small children and infants if ingested. Boric Acid is irritating to rough or damaged skin and is an eye contact irritant. Accordingly, we do not offer Boric Acid in Saver Pack slide-lock bags. Use gloves and proper eye protection to prevent contact irritations. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat (preferably 73 deg. F or below) and out of the reach of children and pets.
(Not for food uses or internal consumption)