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Captain's Log 10-12-2018

SBMCrafters is Back!
or: The best laid plans of mice and men...
Steve MushynskySo, what's been happening?
This has been a year of major changes, some planned and some not

After years of illness now controlled, I worked on reforming our prior soap business, Summer Bee Meadow, as SBMCrafters LLC while Gina worked on establishing her new professional freelance editing company, "Red Pen Editorial Services".

In its early stages, SBMCrafters would be a one-man operation until busy enough to add personnel and distribute the workload. Much time, work and investment went into getting the SBMC website up and running, updating our popular soap making calculators and getting a wide selection of soap making oils stocked and ready for sale. Other features and offerings to come soon after. And then, something new and unexpected...

Yup, I dropped off the Earth early this year. Had to. Too much going on, too much stress and my heart soundly objected. Not quite a heart attack, but a real wake up call. It put me out of action for a while and sent me to a cardiologist. A stress test, a sonogram and a catheterization found no vascular problems ("Your arteries are fine. Go eat a cheeseburger.") but did reveal damaged heart muscle that had caught up with me. Entresto was prescribed plus a statin drug despite my having had a nasty reaction to a statin years ago. "They're better now", the doctor said. Sure enough, I promptly had a severe autoimmune reaction which caused five months of incredible lower back & legs pain such that I could hardly walk. It finally dissipated and I've been returning to functionality. I lost a major chunk of a year, but got myself a nifty cane, so all was not bad.

Here we are in the present, and I and SBM Crafters are picking up where we left off. First mission: Pare back our oils offerings to a more manageable stock while changing some of our packagings. Accordingly, prices for most oils products will be drastically reduced until things are properly adjusted in our stockroom. Meanwhile, soaps production will finally begin in earnest, to be followed by wood soap molds production and more. All will be at a more manageable, reduced pace from that originally intended, as I have no desire to repeat my heart problem incident. I hope you'll bear with me and support SBM Crafters as we resume growth.