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Captain's Log 10-17-2018

Anti Spam Security at SBMCrafters
Or: Find 'em first & thump 'em!

Steve MushynskyWe use an outside service to pre-screen incoming contact events at our website. Last week, they blocked 1,631 contact attempts from known spam and hack-attack sources.

We also use other extremely effective internal programs to block any other attempted contacts from spammers or attacker using a number of methods. Hundreds more were blocked that got past the outside service method. All of these have been flagged and banned for the next 12 months.

China, Russia and a number of other countries in their orbits have been blocked from our site due to very large numbers of attempted attacks and few users of our website. These country blocks are never accurately comprehensive as the Web managing agencies are constantly rearranging the IP address ranges that are assigned to ISP organizations within each country, but they help greatly. The rest are blocked by our internal methods.

Of the well over 2,000 total attack attempts we had last week, none got thru to post any spam or insert any malware, (We check our own website's security as free of any injected malware or spam each week).

Yes, we take spam and hack attacks very seriously so you can feel good about using the SBMCrafters website.