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EO's in soap

What is the thought process for adding essential oils to soap. I'm looking for percentages to whole or to the weight of the oils. Any help would be appreciated.



Posted by lanita1950
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Hello LaNita

Hello LaNita,

Although i am very new to soap making myself, all of the recepies and soap calculators i have used so far have recommend to add 1 oz per pound of finished product.  This is based on using 11 oz of oil per pound as well.  The recepies also suggest that you add or subtract based on how strong you want the end product to smell.  I have also read that some EO's will "flash" or burn off when added at trace if the mix is still too hot.  i have added my oils to the few batches i have made and, so far have had great luck using the 1 oz per pound method and waiting till the last possible second to add the oils at trace.

not sure this helps but thought i would give you my 2 cents.......

Have a good one....:)


Posted by caflyfisher1
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