FAQ / Help

Minimum order size:
Our minimum order size is $15.00 net after coupon deductions, before shipping or any taxes.

Payment Methods Accepted:
We accept order payments via PayPal balance, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.
All purchase payments (PayPal balance or Credit Card) are processed through the secure PayPal Pro payments gateway with the PayPal transactions guarantees. Payments are processed as "authorization only" until orders actually ship. Only at that time will payment will be actually charged to your payment account balance. Financial data such as credit card numbers are never visible to or kept by SBMCrafters. All such inputs and responses to and from our website or PayPal are shielded by SSL ("Secure Socket Layer") technology.

Coupon Discounts:
We will occasionally offer product discounts as coupon code offers. This may be an online-advertised coupon code, an email-advertised coupon code or a physical coupon included in completed orders packages.

How to get Coupon Code Discounts:
Enter the applicable coupon code of your choice in the Shopping Cart Coupons entry section. It will respond with coupon value acceptance and display of purchases cost minus discount value or may display the reason your coupon entered may not be valid. Coupon code acceptance and value will be carried forward into the Checkout section display.
Note: Only ONE coupon code may be entered for each order.

Free Shipping Offers:
We will occasionally offer free shipping coupon codes for larger orders. The minimum dollar amount to qualify will be anything over the amount in the coupon code as advertised, consisting of the sum of all purchase prices before shipping cost and any taxes. For example, "150+ Free Shipping" will apply to any order for which the products purchase prices sum is over $150.00.
NOTE: Due to overlapping internal programming restrictions, we do not offer "Free Shipping" for any orders to be shipped to destinations that UPS (or FedEx) Ground shipping will not transport hazardous materials to. This would be any location requiring shipping over water or by air (ie: off-mainland possessions such as Puerto Rico, Guam, etc; Alaska, Hawaii; major islands off the mainland coasts or in the Great Lakes).

Available Shipping Methods:
We ship orders via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground services. Our Checkout process page sections display the shipping methods available as per your order contents and your ship-to destination locations. (Orders including restricted chemical products can not be shipped via USPS and orders including restricted chemical products may not be shipped to selected destinations that UPS Ground will not transport to (These are locations involving air or over-water transport).

Shipping Costs:
Estimated ship cost quotes are generated automatically where indicated in our checkout process.
Note: Displayed ship cost quotes are estimates only. Actual cost may be less. In the event that an equivalent means of shipping is available (ie: Priority Mail Regional Rate) at less cost than the displayed ship option selected in checkout, your order will be adjusted appropriately. Any resulting ship-cost savings will result in reduction of your final charge amount. Note that most Priority Mail shipments will be rate reduced before order is shipped.

Shipping Insurance:
USPS shipping costs include a handling charge per total order of $0.75. Our package shipments are self-insured for value beyond USPS's basic amount due to USPS claims processing difficulties. UPS shipments are automatically insured with UPS for their full value. If an order is damaged in transit, please take several images of the damaged package and the damaged products and send us a message via the "Contact Us" link at the top right of our website header.

Can Orders be Cancelled?
Orders in process may be canceled at any time before shipment and actual application of authorized payment. Shipped orders may not be canceled in transit. Delivered orders may be returned for refund after delivery provied that product containers have not been opened. Refunds will be for the sum of items purchase prices plus tax only. Return shipment cost will be the responsibility of the customer/