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Goat's Milk

It is time to try something new! Goat's Milk Soap.
So I got on the internet and read...and read...and read. Since I don't have a goat, I purchased the double strength goat milk in a can.
Some folks say for example: Your recipe calls for 30 oz water. Use 15 oz water and mix with lye. Use 15 oz of goat milk, add it to the oils, and mix well BEFORE adding the water/lye. Then add the water/lye and take to trace.
Other makers say to add the milk at light trace.
Here is what I did:
1. mixed the lye with the 1/2 water and cooled to 110.
2. heated the oils to 110.
3. heated the milk to near the same.
4. added the milk to the oils and mixed.
5. added the water/lye to the oils.
6. poured into wood mold at trace.
7. I insulated, but later read not to insulate.
Well gang...what do you think???
Eddie in Georgia

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When I made soaps a while back

When I made soaps a while back I only made goats milk soap. I used part of the water for the lye and the left over water for the goats milk powder mix, you can even use liquid goats milk. I would add the mik after the heat cooled off a little so as to not burn the milk. Then continue to cook the batch until trace occured. Makes a lovely soap!

Posted by lanita1950
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