Hemp Oil, Unrefined

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Hemp Oil, Unrefined - SBMCrafters Soapmaking Supplies
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For Solid Soaps: A valued oil for solid soapmaking, Hemp Oil provides good lather and excellent moisturizing qualities in a silky smooth bar. Suggest use is 5% to 15% in cold process soap formulas.
For Liquid Soaps: Hemp Oil may be used in similar manner to Olive oil in liqid soap recipes.  Hemp Oil is of limited solubility in liquid soaps, so percentage of use in liquid soaps must be limited.
For Body Care Uses: Use clear, refined Hemp Oil for other body care products to avoid color staining.
Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil is left in it's virgin state after pressing and is not run through filters or chemical processes. Stronger colors and scent should be expected as compared with clear, refined oil.
Stored in a dark, cool place, Hemp Oil has a shelf life of approximately six months. May be stored up to 1 - 2 years if kept refrigerated or frozen.
Melting point:Aproximately 18 deg. F.   SAP Value: KOH: .193 NaOH: .137
(Food grade source, not packaged for internal consumption)