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Angeletta Skin Cream Warts are called benign lesions on human skin that are of viral origin. They can appear on almost any part of the human skin. Face warts are an unpleasant phenomenon, as they bring aesthetic discomfort to a person's life. It should be understood that you cannot independently try to remove the war on the face, as this is fraught with unpleasant consequences, including the formation of scars and scars. That is why it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who chooses the appropriate treatment for you. To date, there are many ways to remove warts. But in order to clean the skin of the face, a laser therapy method is recommended. This method has many advantages. Firstly, it is very fast, since the session lasts an average of 1-2 minutes. Secondly, the only thing that remains after the war is a small depression in the skin, which passes in two weeks. Laser removal of warts eliminates the risk of tissue infection, since everything happens with maximum sterility. And, although this method is quite expensive, it is practically the only way to quickly and painlessly get rid of warts. There is also a mass of popular recipes that are truly capable of removing these formations. But before starting any treatment, one should seek medical advice; as if certain substances are applied incorrectly, various defects and lesions may appear on the skin of the face. Every day before bed rub the warts on the face with castor oil. In most cases, the formation on the skin disappears after three weeks of regular treatment. Find a young plant of celandine and tear one stalk. Inside you will see a yellowish juice. They need to lubricate the warts. Juice of garlic or onion is also quite effective. But with this method it is worth being very careful, since such substances, if improperly applied, can burn the delicate skin of the face and leave an unpleasant red spot there. Daily rub the wart juice of fresh cabbage leaves. It is considered very effective and decoction of wormwood.