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Element Life Keto As a rule, in winter, the human body is under heavy loads. This happens because of a decrease in temperature and a decrease in the length of daylight. Against this background, the metabolism undergoes slight changes, hormonal functions, and immunity weakens. So try to eat right in this period. In winter, people more often feel depressed and depressed, as melatonin production decreases. During this period, there is a need for tasty and high-calorie foods, which leads to a set of extra pounds. Try to follow the basic rules in the winter so as not to gain excess weight: - Be sure to eat hot meals. This applies to side dishes, first courses, as well as drinks. - Eliminate sweets from your diet. We are talking about drinks, cakes and sweet pastries. - Daily include first dishes in your menu: borscht, cabbage soup, soups. Well, if they are cooked in vegetable broth. - Eat more vegetables. Steamed, boiled or fresh, they should always be present on your table. - Limit caffeine intake. It is much more useful to replace a cup of coffee with herbal tea. It not only warms and soothes, but also smoothes the feeling of hunger. - Give great value to good and sound sleep. Lie down in the winter early for an hour. - Do not avoid physical exertion. To maintain the shape and level of metabolism, it is enough to practice every day for 30-40 minutes. If you do not like to go to the gym, just walk in the fresh air. Sample menu for breakfast, boil 100 g of cereals in milk or make a couple of cheese sandwiches. During the day, be sure to eat a portion of vegetable soup and 200 g of garnish with a minimum of starch (pumpkin, zucchini). At afternoon tea, drink a cup of herbal tea with lemon (without sugar) and make a berry jam sandwich. In the evening, boil the pasta and season them with vegetable sauce, adding a small piece of cheese. Remember from your food depends on your mood and health.