What happened to the "Captcha" images security gateway? Are my data inputs secure?

Google Image Captcha exampleThe "Google Captcha" anti-spammer feature was made ineffective during early 2018 by services that offer instant "DeCaptcha" functions to spammers and hackers. They do this by hiring cheap labor in poor countries to solve thousands of captcha image sets one after another while their work paths are recorded and kept in their database to be tapped whenever a spam or hack attempt is made at a Google Captcha equipped website. If you are using a website that is only 'protected' by Google Captcha,  your input and site-member data may no longer be safe.

SBMCrafters is now instead protected by multiple extremely effective 'invisible' back-end programs and services methods. Our new solutions are far more convenient for our site users as they require nothing of our visitors.

Please note also that all purchase payments are processed through the secure PayPal Pro payments gateway. Credit card payments are also processed through PayPal Pro as "authorizations" only, until orders actually ship. Financial data such as credit card numbers are never visible to or kept by SBMCrafters. All inputs and responses to and from our "https" (see below) website are shielded by SSL ("Secure Socket Layer") technology.

Please update your browser bookmarks to " " to  ensure use of SSL during initial log ins and to prevent pop-up cautions from modern browsers (This is only an issue with our front page). Data inputs here are protected, regardless.

The safety of your information is our primary concern. Our security functions have been and will continue to be monitored for effectiveness.